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CenScot Therapies offer a full range of Hypnotherapy Services  to Individual and Corporate clients across Central Scotland or on Skype anywhere.

Hypnosis is a natural relaxed state similar to daydreaming and is very successful in changing unwanted or limiting behaviours. Hypnotherapy can be safely used to change your habits, behaviours, beliefs or attitudes and can thereby help to improve your life.
Treatment areas include:- 
Limiting Behaviours,
Emotional Concerns,
Confidence Building,
Anxiety and Stress Management,

Lifestyle Changes including Smoking Cessation and Weight Management & Weight Loss.

The pace and requirements of modern life have dramatically increased the amount of stress suffered. CenScot Therapies provide a range of Stress Management programmes designed for use at home or work.

All Therapies available at 22 Westgate, Mid Calder, West Lothian, home/office visits by arrangement or on Skype.